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Hyper-Realistic Wall Paintings by David Jon Kassan

30 Giu

If you were to round a corner in a building you thought empty and come face-to-face with one of these figures, you might experience a moment of heart-thumping fear before realizing that there’s nobody there. Painter David Jon Kassan has not only mastered an incredible 3D effect in his wall paintings, but manages to capture the true essence of his subjects rather than a flat but finely rendered likeness.

Based in Brooklyn, Kassan leapt into full-time painting after being laid off in the aftermath of 9/11. Determined to find a way to do what made him happy, he put himself through art school and emerged with an even bigger thirst to learn and improve. His signature style of realism is multi-layered, with a darkness influenced greatly by his urban environment.

The grit of the wall itself – grit of the city – is subtly incorporated into the image in a way that gives it more than just a bit of extra physical substance. It speaks to the subject’s environment and how they interact with it. Kassan combines the imperfections of the wall surface with a keen eye for nuances in each model’s facial expressions and posture for highly emotionally charged results.

“My work is a way of meditation, a way of slowing down time though the careful observation of overlooked slices of my environment,” Kassan says in his artist statement. “It is the subtlety of emotion in my acquaintances that inhabit the aforementioned environment which intrigues me. My paintings strive for reality, a chance to mimic life in both scale and complexity. The viewer is given an eye level perspective of the subject. A view that is unbiased and in its most raw condition.”

“It is my intent to control the medium of oil paint so that it is not part of the viewer to subject equation. The image stands alone without evidence of the artist. I displace textures from their naturalenvironment by moving them out of the context they exist in. Taking the abstract form from the streets where they get lost and moving them into the gallery space where they can be contemplated as accidental abstractions.”

Weird and Unusual Artworks by Saddo

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Saddo is a very creative artist from Germany, He is doing mind-blowing work and has created lots of weird and unusual artworks, Illustrator and Graffiti Artist. In this post we are going to showcase some creative artworks from the portfolio of Saddo, we hope that you will like them, feel free to give your feedbacks.

Public Street Art: Cristian Sonda in Viareggio

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Cristian Sonda

From Friday, May 19 to probe will be Wednesday, May 21 Viareggio to realize a large public art on the road.

In the square on the north side of the overpass Barsacchi Paul, you can follow all stages of the live-painting. In all likelihood, the artist will paint a grayscale, an imaginary forest, every tree protected by a human of different social class and age. During construction, the crew of Studio Sumatra will produce a video that will premiere Sunday, May 23 in areas of the Lab 21 Viareggio, on the occasion of the exhibition Slam! Urban art laboratory. In the meantime, enjoy the interview and photo gallery that shows old and new works by Cristian Sonda..

* Who is Probe?
Cristian Sonda is a young artist who is signed with a pseudonym, a bit ‘nostalgic, somewhat’ appreciative of his past as a street artist, who saw him as one of the major protagonists of the Italian, who were known as “probe”. He has 33 years, was born in the heart of Milan and has lived in Cornwall, a town so much of the province. He is not me, and only one side, that I prefer.

Cristian Sonda

Living colorfull

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Julian Beever (1959) is a British artist. Beever creates trompe-l’oeil drawings in chalk on pavements and sidewalks in the mid-nineties. His works are created using a projection called anamorphosis to create the illusion of three dimensions when seen from a certain angle. You soprannominatoPavement Picasso.

In Italy could be called a pavement artist even if it is really difficult to approach the art of traditional madonnari.

Besides these works, Beever, running with acrylic paints murals and reproductions of famous works.

He works as a freelance and create murals on request.

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