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17 Amazing Bento Food Art Creations

30 Giu

17 Amazing Bento Food Art Creations

Bento lunch boxes are often decorated to look like people, animals, gadgets, and famous characters.

This post showcases beautiful and creative bento designs. Enjoy!

The Simpsons Bento [link]

The Simpsons Bento

Starbucks Bento [link]

Starbucks Bento

Bill Gates Bento [link]

Bill Gates Bento

South Park Bento [link]

South Park Bento

Nintendo DS Bento [link]

Nintendo DS Bento

LEGO Bento [link]

LEGO Bento

Xmas Bento [link]

Xmas Bento

Monsters Inc. Bento [link]

Monsters Inc. Bento

Playstation Controller Bento [link]

Playstation Controller Bento

Tinkerbell Bento [link]

Tinkerbell Bento

Mozart Bento [link]

Mozart Bento

Tiger Woods Bento [link]

Tiger Woods Bento

The Devil Wears Pirikara Bento [link]

The Devil Wears Pirikara Bento

Super Mario Bento [link]

Super Mario Bento

Mona Lisa Bento [link]

Mona Lisa Bento

Cat Bento [link]

Cat Bento

Wall-E Bento [link]

Wall-E Bento