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Modern Islamic Architectural by Islamic Arts Museum, Doha

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Islamic architectural building photos

The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha combines traditional Islamic architecture and the twenty first century to create a stunningly spectacular effect. In spite of heavy ancient Islamic architecture influence, the building has its own uniqueness in addition to its sheer size of about forty five thousand square meters. Two important, prominent figures play vital role in building this remarkable museum. Sabhia al Khemir, a renowned writer and an expert in Islamic art, collaborates with IM Pei, a highly respected American architect, to build the museum of Islamic Art.

Islamic architectural exterior

Unique Apartment Window by Issho Architects

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Issho Architects has finished the cool apartment design, the main characteristics of this apartment is the window, it have unusual and unique design, by looking this pictures, may you get any idea to create your own windows design. The Fudomae apartment’s design makes the most of a limited volume while creating a comfortable urban living space . Each 18 sqm unit fits a living room, kitchen, bathroom and storage. The tight arrangement is transformed into a design expression, particularly through the location and shape of the window, which designates the placement of the bed and other furniture. Visit their site to see more creative works here.