Unusual and Creative Staircase Designs

30 Giu

The Amazing Staircase

Levitate Architects came up with this ingenious solution to a book storage problem and created a loft-like bedroom nestled under the roof of the top-floor apartment. [link]

The Amazing Staircase

The Amazing Staircase 2

Skateboard Stairs

Creative stairs made from skateboard decks. [link]

Skateboard Stairs

Hanging Box Stairs

Creative inside-out hanging box stairs. [link]

Hanging Box Stairs

Hanging Box Stairs 2

Disappearing Stairs                                                                                                     With a press of a button–and some hydraulic pistons–this staircase folds up and disappears into the wall. [link]

Disappearing Stairs

Stairway Drawers

What a great way to utilize a generally overlooked space! Step and store in style, using each step as storage for a different item. [link]

Stairway Drawers


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